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Trinetra Institute Provide a vast variety of affiliated  courses like Training of Acupressure, Acupuncture, Magnet, Pyramid Heeling, Sujok, Vaastu, Reiki, Feng Shui, Yoga, Naturopathy, Colour, Sound, Aroma, Massage, Bach Flower, Punch karma, Nadi Vigyan & Alternative Medicine Therapy Diploma, Master Diploma Advance Courses.

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The origins of acupressure are as ancient as the instinctive impulse to hold one’s forehead or temples when he suffers from headache. Everyone at  one time or another has used his or her hands spontaneously to hold tense or painful places on the body, it continues to be the most effective method for self treatment of tension and other related ailments by using the power and sensitivity of the human hand . the main advantage of acupressure healing touch is that it is safe on others. There are no side effect from drugs and the basic equipment needed for it are individuals own two hands. Thus acupressure therapy can be practiced anywhere and any time.

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Yoga Therapy

Yoga is a discipline to improve or develop one's inherent power in a balanced manner and to attain complete self-realisation. Yoga is the suppression of modifications of the mind. By doing yoga & pranayam regularly many diseases can get cure or give benefits.

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Vastu Shastra

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A combination of two words. In korean 'su' means hands and 'jok' means feet. Thus, sujok actually means treating on hands and feet. Sujok acupuncture is a physical & metaphysical, natural therapy of healing without drugs. It is an instant and effective healing therapy without medication and is absolutely safe and does not have any side effects. Sujok helps in curing diseases like arthritis, bronchitis, asthma, cervical, spondylitis, backache, joints pain, migraine, hypertension, sinusitis, deafness, paralysis, constipation, acidity, obesity, diabetes, blood-pressure, menstrual problems and many more chronic disease related to different organs of our body.

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Ayurvedic Acupressure

A particular kind of [treatment] or an alternative medical treatment, which integrates the knowledge of ancient ayurveda and the principles of acupressure, allegedly to completely heal and cure physical, mental, emotional and spiritual illnesses.

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A form of alternative medicine and a key component of traditional chinese medicine in which thin needles are inserted into the body. Acupuncture is a pseudoscience because the theories and practices of TCM are not based on scientific knowledge, and it has been characterized as quackery. .

magnatic new

Magnet Therapy

The origins of magnet are as ancient as the instinctive impulse to hold one’s forehead or temples when he suffers from headache. Everyone at one time or another has used his or her hands spontaneously to hold tense or painful places on the body. Magnet continues to be the most effective method for self treatment of tension and other related ailments by using the power and sensitivity of the human hand .The main advantage of magnet healing touch is that it is safe on others, even if it is never done before provided the instructions are followed and cautions are kept in mind. There are no side effect from drugs and the basic equipment needed for it are individuals own two hands. Thus magnet therapy can be practiced anywhere and any time.

jotish sastra

Jyotish Shastra

A much more than a simple divination system. It is a great vidya (spiritual science), which is deeply imbedded in a profound philosophy of life. The study of jyotish, therefore, requires an understanding of vedic philosophy, especially the law of karma, which is the underlying mechanism upon which astrology rests. Properly understood, it provides the astrologer with a necessary tool for explaining the cause of suffering, and more importantly, the mechanism by which suffering can be eradicated.

riki healing

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a magical touch healing therapy. This is a technique which can only be adapted/ learnt after a reiki master attunes his/her student for the reiki power in his presence practically. Reiki practitioners believe healing energy passes from the reiki master's hands to the patient. Reiki is a therapy often described as palm healing or hands-on-body healing in which a practitioner places hands lightly on or a patient's body to facilitate the patient's process of healing

cupping thearphy

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin. The cupping procedure commonly involves creating a small area of low air pressure next to the skin. However, there are varieties in the tools used, the methods of creating the low pressure, and the procedures followed during the treatment.



Numerology is the practice of making use of numbers to discover the fundamental single digit vibration for just about some thing or any person. This is often a fantastic method to reveal your destiny, desires, best abilities and much more. You can even find out your numerology compatibility with another individual. All it requires is often a little comparison among your personal vibrations.


Pyramid Healing

According to the egyptian masters, 'PYRAMID' is divided into two parts- 'PYRA' and 'MID', the former means 'fire' and the latter means 'center'. The pyramid increases electromagnetic energy and bio-cosmic energy along with other forms of energies. Than, these energies and the individual's self-energy cause inter-related affect, which results into a feeling of consciousness in the individual. The pyramid corners are the symbols of peacefulness, seriousness, wisdom and truth. The uses of pyramid bring on happiness and prosperity.


Diet & Nutrition

Food and beverages provide the energy and nutrients you need to improve health, manage disease, and reduce the risk of disease. Find resources on nutrition to help you pay attention to what, when, how often, why, and how much you eat and drink, as well as, help manage health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, and others.

alternative medicine

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine: alternative medicine is the term for medical products and practices that are not part of standard care. Whereas complementary medicines used together with conventional medicine, alternative medicine is used in place of conventional medicine. A wide range of health care practices, products and therapies which, at least up to the end of the twentieth century, were typically not included in the degree courses of established medical schools teaching western medicine. Complementary medicine is alternative medicine used together with conventional medical treatment, it increases the effectiveness, or "complements", the treatment.


Aroma Therapy

Aroma is a holistic massage which produces physical, spiritual, emotional and mental sense of harmony. Aroma therapy includes body massage and the inhalation of 'essential oils' derived from the flowers, roots and leaves of plants and shrubs. These oils are absorbed through the skin and their essences are also inhaled through the nose. Essential oils reduce the stressed state of the individual, cure health problems and improve the general state of health and well-being.

bach flower

Bach Flower

The remedies were discovered by an eminent physician , dr.Edward bach more than 60 years ago and are homeopathically prepared from the flower of wild plants, bushes and trees. None of them is harmful or habit-forming; they can be safely given to babies , children , adults pets and plants ,they are simple and easy to use. The 38bach flower remedies each for a different mood , emotion or personality type gently restore the balance between mind , body and spirit by helping you to overcome worry , hopelessness , irritability , etc. And work towards a healing on all levels



Biochemic therapy is also known as ‘tissue salt therapy’. The essence of a healthy life is to balance, regulate and restore the cells of the body naturally to promote self healing. Mineral tissue salts are the ‘vital, essential mineral’ building blocks of the body. They promote and enhance optimum assimilation and utilization of nutrients consumed in our daily diet. Biochemical tissue salts may be prescribed by alternative medicine practitioners as part of a complete health program or recommended as self-care. They are recommended either singly or in combination.


Chakra Meditation

The frequencies are tuned specifically for activating your chakra energy centers starting with the base and finishing with the crown. For best results use this meditation with chakra stones. Visualize colored light at the chakra area, to aid in activation you can also use colored crystals to activate the chakra.

color thearphy

Color Therapy

Colors effect the body. Excess of which color produces what disease in body? And deficiency of which color lacks what in body? Study of these aspects are there in color treatment therapy. What are the forms of color ? what is the nature of color ? how is body affected by colors ? and how can we gain our health through this ? now a day it is very popular and interesting therapy. We can read & utilize it.

gu sa

Gua Sha Therapy

Gua sha in chinese means to scrape away fever or translated more loosely, to rub away illness by allowing the illness to break out from the body as red-sandy-looking entity through skin. The main essence of gua sha is to scrape body parts and release blocked energy (qi) and cure ailments. It is an ancient medical treatment that has been around for over two thousand years.


Crystal Therapy

Many people’s have different types of problems related to emotions, relations, physical and mental. In this course, you will learn about those products through which you can found what is missing or imbalance in your life. And by those products you will know the method of treatment. During healing session you will also come to know that how you can help others. Main point is that with help of simple instrument like crystal how you can help yourself and others.


Hypnosis Therapy

Induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction. Its use in therapy, typically to recover suppressed memories or to allow modification of behaviour, has been revived but is still controversial.


Massage Therapy

Includes the rubbing and manipulation of the soft tissues of the human body, with a certain concentration on pressure points and muscles. Massage therapy can be used as a portion of physical therapy, or just by its own in order to aid in relaxing the areas where in muscles are stiff and tight. Massage therapy can also focus on the body’s pressure points which are believed to provide relief from health problems and pain in other body parts.


Nadi Vigyan

Nadi has twin meaning one is the pulse and other is the nerve. We will find out how the pulse functions and various types of pulse beat in relation with the constituencies. The heartbeat is a physical proof of life, but other than the heartbeat, there are many points in the body from where we can easily find out about the pulse. The pulse is the gross representation of the working of all the basic tatvas and the various constituencies.


Pancha Karma

Which includes five major procedures is meant to purify the whole body by eliminating the accumulated toxins from it. This package includes treatments like virechana (purgation), vamana (emesis), snehavasthi (medicated oil enema), kashayavasti (medicated decoction enema) & nasya (nasal administration). The specialty of this treatment is that it can be administered both in a healthy, as well as the diseased person.


Sound Therapy

Is effects of low frequency sound and vibration on human health and wellness. Sound therapy is considered to be one of the most advanced methods available today for dealing with various diseases and disorders. Healing with sound is way to treat your illness from the comfort of your own home. If you also use conventional therapy to cure your disease or disorder, sound healing can greatly assist you in the healing process.

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